InStream Conservation supports and assists in the restoration of stream habitat for wild and endangered salmon and steelhead throughout Southwest Washington and the greater Northwest.

How? By actively advocating for proven fish friendly science/engineering based habitat restoration, following NRCS (National Resource Conservation Service) handbook 654 guidelines; encompassing site survey, analysis, planning, permitting, funding, construction and continuous post restoration monitoring.

Why the Issue? The range of stream restoration problems are diverse. One kind of restoration technology does not fit all! A mix of stream treatments is needed. Example, over use and misuse of log jams to treat different types of stream problems that they aren’t capable of fixing. Over 65% of log jamb restorations have failed, or do not meet the planned objectives, within 5 years of completion.

The Cost? Wasted tax and rate-payer dollars. Loss of fish friendly spawning and rearing habitat for Wild and ESA listed salmon and steelhead.

Speak up now! It’s up to us to become involved. Only we can help stop this unacceptable waste. Contact Ben Dennis at 360-597-3061 or info@instreamconservation.org

Salmon Creek Flyfishers

The Salmon Creek Flyfishers dedicate talent and energy to conserving and restoring our rivers and threatened/endangered salmon and steelhead populations… while connecting wounded veterans from “Project Healing Waters”… young people and others to nature thru fly tying, fly casting, river restoration projects, and the joy of flyfishing.

Meetings are held at – Sportsman’s Warehouse
11505 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. in Vancouver
6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on the Last Thursday of each month
Jay Woodbury – (360) 601-7275


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